Special Needs Dentistry in Syosset, NY

At Pediatric Dentistry of Syosset, Dr. Stacey, Dr. Katy, and Dr. Divya work with patients of all ages to help them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. We provide compassionate, quality-focused care that prioritizes comfort and effective treatment over fast results. Our doctors practice special needs dentistry in Garden City for patients who require services characterized by patience and understanding. We work with parents to ensure satisfying visits at the pace our patients prefer.

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Treatment at a Comfortable Pace

Drs. Stacey, Katy, and Divya understand that children sometimes have trouble tolerating dental appointments, which typically involve staying still and remaining calm. With this in mind, we work with parents to accommodate the needs of their children; if your child needs different steps of treatment, including x-rays, exams, and cleanings, we will gladly divide these visits up. This way your child will not have to endure one long, single appointment. This approach also helps them look forward to future visits, which may, in turn, lengthen the amount of time they are willing to stay in our operatory. 

The Importance of Prevention

During each visit, we take a careful look at your child’s developing smile. This allows us to monitor their development while pinpointing areas of concern. Our dentist’s bedside manner is popular among patients; she finds it easy to get along with children and adults alike, which helps make the atmosphere of our office all the more comfortable.

We regularly educate patients and parents on effective oral hygiene routines, which help preserve smiles between appointments. The doctors take note of areas of risk and can suggest cleaning techniques that are as effective as they are easy to understand. More than anything, we stress the importance of prevention because of the long-term benefits. The earlier your child retains positive oral hygiene habits, the easier it will be to maintain their well-being later in life.

In addition to patient education, we also provide fluoride and sealants that help preserve young smiles. For patients who need additional assistance relaxing during appointments, we provide sedation in the form of nitrous oxide. Our team always discusses sedation options with parents before implementing any of these measures.

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Drs. Stacey, Katy, and Divya work with special-needs patients to ensure positive health and experiences. To schedule your child’s appointment, call Pediatric Dentistry of Syosset today!

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