Sedation Dentistry for Children

Is Your Child Afraid Of The Dentist?

Drs. Stacey, Katy, and Divya do everything they can to help children have a positive, comfortable experience at their dental office. When children need help relaxing at a dental practice. We offer solutions to give them the chance to enjoy their visit. Pediatric Dentistry of Syosset provides sedation dentistry in Syosset and all Nassau County communities.

Nitrous Oxide

Most children only require mild support. As long as they receive some help in keeping calm during their dental treatments, they can continue having a positive experience receiving dental care.

In these situations, our pediatric dentist in Syosset uses nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this creates a euphoric sensation when inhaled. Our doctors place a mask on our patients to maintain its effects throughout your child’s appointment, allowing them to feel comfortable with the treatments they receive.

Nitrous is perfectly safe for use with children. Once the mask is removed and your child is no longer exposed to the substance, its effects wear off in a few minutes.

General Anesthesiologist

In other cases, nitrous may not provide the level of relaxation a child needs. This could be due to the type of procedure performed, the level of anxiety within the patient.

To accommodate their needs, Pediatric Dentistry of Syosset works with a trusted anesthesiologist to provide general anesthesia. This form of sedation allows a patient to fall asleep during their visit. Whether this is used in conjunction with oral surgery or to give a patient with special needs the dental cleaning they need, our practice’s general anesthesiologist expands the amount of care we can deliver to you.

Patient Education

Many patients and their parents become concerned with why sedation is necessary. This concern often stems from misunderstandings of how dental sedation works and why it is needed.

Just as with every other treatment our practice offers, our doctors carefully explain sedation to children treated and to their parents. Our patients have everything described to them in a way the best enables their understanding, helping them become comfortable enough to receive sedation and further relax for their appointment.

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Pediatric Dentistry of Syosset offers dental sedation in Syosset, with service to all nearby areas. We are happy to help your child have a positive experience at our practice. For more information about our approach to children’s dental care, call us and schedule your next appointment today.

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